Study In UK

Take the opportunity to Immerse yourself in British culture by studying in the UK

The UK is one of the top destinations in the world to study abroad- offering world-class teaching, a great place to live, and a multicultural society with a rich diversity of cultures, languages and faiths. Every year more than 270000 international students choose to come to the UK for higher studies.

UK Student Visa!

International students need to apply online. Learn more about the cost of this visa on the UK Home Office website before applying.

You must also have your fingerprints and photograph (known as “biometric information”) taken at a visa application centre.

This visa cannot be extended, and you will be unable to switch to another visa category.

Why Study In The UK?

Here are few reasons to choose UK as your study destination

  1. UK offer High quality Education and diverse range of well-researched courses in world’s top universities
  2. Universities in UK are world recognized and perform well in world university ranking.
  3. UK provides opportunity to develop students skills, knowledge, connection to drive forward their career.
  4. UK is known for it multicultural society with rich diversity of culture, language.
  5. UK courses are shorter than other countries that helps to reduce tuition fees compared to other destination.
  6. UK universities offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and diploma courses to make a degree that suits your requirements and interests.
  7. International students are allowed to work 20-hours per week.

Study in the UK with Education Global BD

Guide for application and visa requirements with IECC Thousands of students plan to study in the UK every year but many of them find it difficult while applying for the UK universities. IECC helps international students to live their dream to study in Uk since 2005. We handle the whole process on your behalf starting with university selection, application paperwork, visa guidance, and accommodation arrangements.

Our expert team is aware of your time and interest so we start the process immediately after receiving your document and submit your application within 2 working days. We have a dedicated team to support you in visa processing and ensure your admission journey to be successful.

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What’s it like to live in UK?


Overview in UK

Higher education in England (as with the rest of the UK) typically starts with a 3-4 year undergraduate Bachelors degree, on graduation this can then be followed by a postgraduate qualification such as a Masters degree or PhD. If your qualifications or English language ability do not meet the requirements of your chosen University