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Experience quality education and beautiful natural environment while studying in Canada.

Canada has developed a first-rate education system with high standards which is globally recognized. Canadian government offers permanent residency opportunity who finished their studies in the country. Canada has ranked as one of the top ten places to live in the world.

Canada Student Visa

As soon as you got the acceptance letter from the university, it is time to proceed to the next step: applying for a student visa, which is locally known as a student permit.

According to recent visa regulations, if you have a family member working or applying for a work permit in Canada, the application for your study permit will be processed in two weeks. You may renew or extend your study permit, if you wish to continue your studies or if your programme has an extension or if you change your school. The study permit expires ninety days after your studies are finished when you receive a notification of the programme.

Benefit of studying in Canada as an international students

Here’s why you should choose USA as a study destination,

  1. Most of the USA universities are well-renowned and offer a wide range of courses and degrees than other countries.
  2. USA creates a platform to international students to start their research career.
  3. USA takes pride in its technological achievements and makes sure that students are utilizing the latest technology in their academic year.
  4. International students are more attracted to the diverse culture of the USA
  5. USA gives a platform for graduate students for finding good jobs after completing their specific course.
  6. American employers recruit straight from the university.
  7. Students can get a chance to create a network across the world

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What’s it like to live in Canada?


Overview in Canada

Choose to study in Canada, and you’ll have the opportunity to encounter vastly different cultural and natural experiences – from the ski slopes of British Columbia to the prairie province of Manitoba, with cities such as Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Quebec famously friendly, tolerant and multicultural.